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Software for photo booths

In the course of a long-term business cooperation, I have developed a software for photo booths. In contrast to conventional programs for photo booths, individual concepts can be implemented with the software developed by me. Another important feature is the optional support of a “mirror screen”, which the user can see during the photo shoot. This allow a simple handling and high-quality photos.


  • user interface branding
  • individual program behavior according to customer requirements
  • quick adaptation to individual needs
  • create any collage 
  • Voucher print
  • branding including videos
  • FTP/Web server-upload
  • QR code generation to the online gallery/gallery image
  • Email delivery to users (for virtual keyboard input)
  • Email delivery to fixed email address
  • Social media integration
  • Image / audio instructions, multilingual
  • Video recording (full-HD)
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 32 bit, 64 bit
  • etc…

Individual software, also for events

The software can at will adapt. Individual wishes of customers for example for can be implemented. In the following, the concept of a customer is shown, presenting a video within the program:

The software does what you want. With your corporate design tge Fotobooth is a sustainable advertising for your company.

Branding for companies / corporate design

The loading space robe can be individually designed. Each step will be deposited with a PNG/JPEG and buttons/display elements are drawn in. Examples of branded surfaces:

Vettel-3 Vettel 7_thumb Vettel 2_thumb
Vettel 6_thumb Google Engr.
A4  01.00.Gesamtauswahl  07_themen_auswahl
Fotovorlage_15x10cm_mit_Platzhalter LMS_Fanbox_Display_Tastatur - copy 01_a_software_screen_format_auswahl

Alternatively, a neutral design does exist:

Supported hardware

The software can be used with or without a “Mirror monitor”. I.e. the user can see when corresponding hardware design while recording in a one-sided mirror. With this technology can be achieved better results. Best possible recordings arise because the user directly looks into the camera.

Multi monitor operation

User sees during the recording

Photo Booth construction
Construction of the photo booths in the dual monitor operation
  • View in original size as you shoot yourself!
  • Photos like from the Studio! Great picture quality!
  • Of course, you can use the software also without the second ‘mirror monitor’.


At the moment, all the Canon EOS series cameras are supported. An extension of the software to more cameras is possible. EOS cameras, which continuous autofocus support allow the recording of high-quality full HD videos.

Canon EOS Cameras deliver very good photos without additional flashes.



All Windows compatible printers can be used as a printer. So far, photo printers of the company HiTi were used, which offer a good value for money.

Green screen

If a green background is used (for example, the covering of the background with a green fabric is enough), the software can replace the background by any image. The background picture can also be selected by the user through the user interface.

Hardware for fully automatic operation 24 hours / 7 days

For the use of fully automated photo booths software can control a payment system from coin acceptor, Bill readers, and coin return (hopper). The return of money is this optional and can not be used for example to save costs.

Bill reader
Taiko Bill reader

Coin acceptor
WH coin acceptor

IT smart hopper
IT smart hopper for coin payout
Taiko Bill reader (information for)
JCM global)
Coin acceptor
(Information at WH coin acceptor GmbH)
IT smart Hopper (information on IT)

Control individual devices

Arduino controller

In addition to these components, the software can control other hardware using Arduino controller. For example, the photo booth was conntected  to the ship’s internal card-based payment system of a cruise ship (customer: ship builder of cruise ships).

Power strip can be programmed
Programmable power strip

In addition, the program can control a programmable power strip. So, for example, additional lamps can be during video recording switched on and switched off again after.

Social media and the Internet

social media icons

The software supports integration with Facebook and Instagram. Also the photos/collages using FTP on an Internet Server can be download and then use any image gallery software. On request, I can undertake the hosting service.


Actually Instagram allows only the upload of smartphones. As I traced the log, photos can be loaded via a server from photo booths directly to Instagram.


If an Internet connection via LAN (cable) or Wi-Fi (wireless) exists locally at the installation place of the photo box, the software can transfer directly to image galleries of a Facebook page. Alternatively, pictures can be saved to defined folders and transferred manually.

Use as a video machine

Also videos-in Full-HD quality (720 p/1080 p) can be recorded. Also in this case the program flow can be designed freely. The following shows the usage in the context of an online show:

Usage in administration / passport photos

The software supports the use of photo booths in authorities to take passport photos.

User interface 1 User interface 2 User interface 3


The software is offered this multilingual supported languages including an intelligible user manual in image and sound:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Farsi
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

Multilingualism allows also the use of photo booths at events with international audiences.

Video “Rock am ring”


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