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Project: Cloud based FEM Simulation – FEA in the Browser

In this post I want to introduce my cloud and browser based Finite Element Analysis Tool Simulaton. In general FEA let you predict the physical behavior of a technical system.


With my tool you can do

  • static
  • dynamic and
  • thermal analysis

of machine parts and other components. There will be also other calculations possible but more on that in future. This is one of my biggest projects yet. I am working on it for quite a while now.

This Finite Element Simulation software is based on Code-Aster calculation library. Also other open source libraries are used based on LGPL and MIT for commercial usage.


First you load your CAD (Step) file inside the Editor. Then you can add boundary conditions such as fixtures and loads. In the screenshot you can see applied pressures and forces as arrows. The green area indicates the current selected shape of the CAD model.


Material Database

For a Simulation you have also select a material. Simulaton includes a material database with standard materials. Not all material parameters are implemented yet but I will complete them before release. Of course one can also define own materials.

Simulation Results/Postprocessing

On the third picture you can see the displacement/elastic deformation of the part with the applied forces from above. To see the displacement better it is exaggerated here:

This is the last picture for the post of today. In it you can see the stresses calculated by Code-Aster.


Beta phase will start in the next month!

I am still struggling with some server stuff but I hope a first version will be online in the next two weeks. So stay tuned!

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