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Online Linear Units Configurator

My latest project is my first Angular 2 project for a customer. It is an online product configurator for Linear Units. Linear Units are machine components which can move on one axis and can combined via bevel gears so that in combination movements in different directions are possible.

It was an interesting project to get more deep into Angular 2. Still in RC state it is already stable enough for production use. I had only to use a separate translation component.
2016-08-20_12-56-42You can choose between single tube units and double tube units.

After that you can set lenghts and accessories for the part. If there is an error with a length (sums do not fit) the error is shown in real time and a button with correction is offered.

All inputs are updated in real time so that the user experience is quite good. Even the language switch does work in real time without page reloads.



There are many configuration options and of course also the possibility to get and offer or order configurated linear units.




You can try out the configurator here:



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