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Create an online Dashboard with system information (CPU, RAM, Disk, Network)

With Python, Firebase and a simple Webfrontend (Angular2) it is easy to create online Dashboards.


Here I write an example where you can see all system information (linux or windows) on different VMs/servers. Just post your data form python in realtime to your firebase:

       {'ping': time.time() * 1000, 'typ':'sessionloop', 'ip': ip,
        'cpu': psutil.cpu_percent(interval=1, percpu=False),
        'cpucores':psutil.cpu_percent(interval=1, percpu=True),

The library to get system information is named psutil. With it you are able to get many useful information about cpu, RAM and network usage.

 import psutil 

And you are ready to go.

On the Html frontend you can just use Firebase with your favourite Javascript framework such as Angular2 or React.

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