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Boost sales with online configurators

Online shops are often boring catalogs

Online shops are often unkind compiled catalogues, which are simply transmitted by analogue media. Internet pages are however not intended to be static pages like in a newspaper: HTML pages can and should be maximum interactive.

  • 1 picture says more than 1000 words

  • 1 video says more than 1000 pictures

  • 1 online software says more than 1000 videos!

Online software is exciting

Companies often underestimate that long load times mean high bounce rates. With so-called single page applications, the load times are minimal and surfing on the Internet becomes an experience. It creates attention quickly and the user spent me your product.

Configurators help quickly to understand complex products

Through the use of configurators the (potential) customer must not work through complicated tables and references. A correct variant of a product is selected not only easier, but also errors are avoided.

In the following example, the user can choose Accessories for a variable tube unit. Without Configurator permitted combinations and calculating the pricing would be very cumbersome. It is easier with an interactive preview. The customer gets an insight into the dimensions of the components so too.

Example: Simple ordering of accessories incl. direct feedback

More sales through high variant diversity

Many engineering companies seeking a cost reduction by acceptance of the variety. But many variants of a product can be implemented without causing a big overhead in production with parameterized CAD models and automatically generated CNC programs by CAM software. The results are tailor-made products according to customer requirements.

Automation of marketing and sales

1212912_growing_graphThe marketing and buying process can be automated via relevant online tools. Here come the online configurators in the game:
By a substitution of catalogs and online stores with product configurators, the effort can be minimized again. By means of connection to the CAD Designer can generate pre-configured CAD models.

Consistent implementation is a completely automated process from product development to marketing to the sale.

Sustainable SEO and SMO-marketing

Social media campaigns with a viral effect

Many companies in the B2B sector can improve their SMO campaigns by providing interesting content and interactive tools. Product configurators can help with this. The more interesting the shared content, the more likely is this further shared and the greater the viral effect.

Linking the Web page => more direct and indirect visitors

1198416_businessThe use of interactive online tools increases not only the attention of visitors to your website, but also by business partners and press. Keep in mind that an interesting Web page, which is not static, but is the interesting and tangible products is rather linked from other Web sites. This you’ll get visitors directly to your website, what can have very positive effects in the linking of huge Web pages.

Better positioning in Google

In addition to direct visitors and potential new customers, also better positions in Google and other search engines are the benefit. Google ranks your Web page higher if there are more and good references from other Web pages to your site. Nowaday also interactivity is considered with the search engine rankings. Therefore you should invest your marketing budget in configurators and not in artificial link building, which sooner or later will be punished by Google.

  • 1 Configurator says more than 1,000,000 pictures!

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